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Hello there, welcome! Let’s get ready to level up! So, take a seat and join in on all the fun!


Let’s Life Design (LLD) is a place and company that I have created through my passions and general wanting to help others by designing the life and dental hygiene department of their dreams.


I take my first love and passion for dental hygiene and my ever-evolving thirst to learn the most and be the best version of myself. That’s how and why LLD was created as a home and space to do both.


Using my 16 years of experience in the field of dentistry, I’ve created a program to help all dental practices level up their dental hygiene department and design it with balance and success!

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Let’s Life Design (LLD) Dental hygiene consulting is right for any dental practice wanting to level up the heart of any office, their dental hygiene department!

In an ever-changing world,  it is extremely important to have the right team, and even more so, a skilled hygienist who can also serve as a partner in growing a practice. My job is to analyze your business and to
successfully implement solutions. 

This may include skills training, designing an efficient dental program, establishing or improving a soft tissue program, providing tools to building a better
relationship with the doctor and helping helping grow the practice.

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LIFE IS FULL OF deissy's

Life is full of deissy’s podcast (LIFOD) is my way of helping anyone listening to grow and be the best version of themselves by exploring life and all topics that encompass it. We dig deep into everything, it’s a place where I motivate, advocate for the Latino community, and spotlight inspiring individuals. Nothing is off-topic, and we are all here to just learn and be better humans! Put on those headphones and tune in!

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