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Dental Hygiene Consulting 

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Creating a strong dental hygiene department is the core of any dental practice. It should combine quality with profit, and I will help you hone in on this and so much more. Whether you are a new practice looking to develop a program or want to revamp your existing department and give your dental hygienist the right tools to succeed, I’m here to help from the beginning to the end! It takes a village, but more importantly, the right people to assist in shaping and cultivating a balance for a joyful work environment.

Packages include:

  • Consultation, strategy, & guided questionnaire

  • Planning: It’s the foundation of any successful business and without planning your business will not reach its full potential.

  • Development: This is where all the details are sorted out! We determine what direction you want to go, your core beliefs, and your ideal patient and dental hygiene department. You will walk away from the development stage feeling confident & ready to have a thriving dental hygiene department and practice.

  • Execution: This is where I work hands-on with your hygienist to implement all the work and to make sure it sticks with accountable calls and all.

The idea of taking this big leap for your business can be exciting yet very intimidating. This is why I have put together a proven process for an easy yet exciting

Process includes:

  • Hands-on and in-person application learning

  • Mentorship access

  • General Skills training

  • implementation of protocols

  • Co-diagnosing for doctor treatment

  • Patient retention and service

  • Weekly Accountability calls.

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If you are just wanting to level up in your skills, verbiage, or just want an outside professional perspective and not sure where to start, this is a great option to help you be the all- star hygienist you are meant to be. This option is also for the dentist who would love to unlock the full potential of your dental hygienist.

Packages include:
• 30 minute Consultation to define area to work on.
• 3 hours of hands on skills and in person learning
• 1 accountability call- more can be added.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

An assessment is conducted to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your hygienist and practice. This option is for those that have no clue where to start or what to do but know they have more potential and are ready to invest to level up their practice.

Package include:
• Includes 3 hours of observation
• A meeting to go over all areas of
need and the strategies for
• Implementation of the plan.


This is for my fellow practitioners that want to make a difference and want some advice and help on defining their practice or to simply level up!

Packages include:
• This is a virtual call where we talk about any problems and solutions for your practice.
• 1 hour with me and all my expertise.


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