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Note from Deissy

Deissy was born in Mexico and moved to Texas when she was six years old. She grew up on a cattle ranch and is forever grateful to her parents for making the brave decision to move to the United States to give their family a better life with more opportunities.

Because of that brave choice and a strong work ethic, she has a love of learning and sincere desire to help others see their true potential. This led to Deissy becoming a dental hygiene practitioner, a career she has loved for the past 16 years.

Her first passion project was her podcast, Life is full of deissys, and it has taken her on a journey to not only discover who she is, but also given her the courage to shoot for the stars and surround herself with some of the most inspiring and amazing people.

This led her to finally start her own dental hygiene consultant company. Her passion is dentistry ,helping dentists design the dental hygiene department of their dreams and mentoring other dental hygiene providers!


Who Am I?

As founder of LLD Dental Hygiene Consulting, I serve the dental community as an active practicing dental hygienist and hygiene consultant. Passionate about service, quality, and education, I coach dental teams to build highly productive hygiene departments by creating and implementing systems for high-quality periodontal care, enrolling restorative care through hygiene, and managing the logistics of a high-performance hygiene department.

As an owner, I will assist dentists to tap into their hygiene profit potential. In addition to private coaching, hands-on skills training, and personalized specific training. I draw from my 16 years of experience as a dental hygienist who worked in various areas of a dental office and has a true passion for helping others design the dental hygiene department of their dreams!

With team work we all win!

When I get to use my 16 years of experience we all win in growing a profitable and harmonious dental hygiene department. 

Why me?

With being a practicing dental hygienist and also having such a diverse background in different practice settings I have been able to hone into really niching down what balance looks like for a dental hygiene department to make it profitable but also a team-oriented environment.


I truly do believe each team takes a unique approach to learning and implementing systems that stick. I come from the belief that you empower your hygiene department with the customized education they need to push your practice ahead, learn in your office and immediately implement strategies to elevate the level of preventive and perio services your team is delivering, increase your team’s confidence for seamless, efficient doctor exams and treatment acceptance, and streamline systems to retain patients in recare.


As a dental professional, you have put incredible dedication into your education, your career, and your practice. That’s why you deserve a hygiene team that is not only efficient and experienced, but profitable, too. Are you ready to make the change you need to ensure your practice’s success with happy employees? If you are ready to level up and make some moves in your practice, let's set up a meeting to talk in more detail.

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